Bouldering is one of the youngest forms of climbing. It is a form, in which conventional protective accessories or climbing ropes are not used – climbers use pillows. In Tokio 2020, climbing will be introduced as the Olympic sport for the first time in the history of Olympic games.

In its honour, an international competition Triglav The Rock Ljubljana will be organized in the center of the Slovenian capitol. It will unite all the world’s best climbers and Slovenian competitors. This beautiful sport, which we all meet in our childhood years, will be introduced to the people, tourists and the residents of Ljubljana.

As the year 2017 is the Year of Joze Plecnik, the Triple Bridge (Tromostovje) was chosen as one of the symbols for Triglav The Rock Ljubljana, and its greatness was the inspiration for the design concept of the event.

The competition will consist of qualification, semifinals and finals. The latter will be broadcasted live by the RTV Slovenia. Qualifications will take place at the Climbing center in Koper. Twenty of the best climbers will reach the semifinals, and they will compete for six places in the finals.