On Saturday, the Congress Square in Ljubljana, Slovenia, will host the first Triglav The Rock Ljubljana international Masters series competition in bouldering. This Sports Climbing Spectacle will feature the best boulderers in the world, inclouding Janja Garnbret and Jernej Kruder. The prize fund of the competition amounts to 14.000 EUR.

The competition, which will be held in accordance with the rules of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), will begin on Friday with a qualification round in Koper. Among more than 100 competitors, only 10 men and women climbers will ensure their ticket to Saturday’s main event. In each category, there will be 10 climbers, who were invited to the competition, already waiting for them, including, Jan Hojer, Rustam Gelmanov, Martin Stranik, Jeremy Bonder, Alexey Robtsov, Jongwon Chon, Sa Sol, Chloe Cauliers, and many others.

“The competition does not bother me. I will enjoy the event and do my best. Ever since I was a little boy, I wanted to appear in front of the home crowd, so I will be extra motivated to show my best climbing performance,” says the ambassador of the Triglav The Rock Ljubljana, Jernej Kruder, one of the favorites to win it all on Saturday.

The final competition at the Congress Square on Saturday starts at 8 p.m., and it will be broadcasted by the Slovenian national television. The winner will be the one climber, who will manage to climb the boulders with the least number of attempts. The climber will take home the grand prize of 3.000 EUR.

“Our main goal is to make this competition in the center of Ljubljana better each year, and by the 2020, when climbing will be introduced as the Olympic sport for the first time, we want Triglav The Rock Ljubljana to be the greats climbing competition in Europe,” says Lorin Möscha, the main organizer of the climbing matches in Log-Dragomer.

“The Congress Square is very beautiful, and the climbing wall will be the highlight of all of the sports competitions in the center of Ljubljana. The backdrop of Ljubljana Castle in the background is remarkable,” comments Simon Rožnik, the director of Ekstrem. View at the Congress Square will be tremendous for all the competitiors, who are in for a great challenge.

“We did our best to make boulders interesting for the people, and at the same time make it a challenge for the climbers. We put a lot of energy into this event, to make it a combination of both,” says Anže Štremfelj, who set the course for the Triglav The Rock Ljubljana. The competition is supported by the Alpine Association of Slovenia.

“After Kranj, where the 22nd competition of World Cup will be held, and the competition at Log-Dragomer, we finally got an upgrade in climbing events in Slovenia. People with a lot of experience came together to make Triglav The Rock Ljubljana a very big spectacle, which will show to everyone, even to those, who are not so much into climbing, how attractive and exciting this sport really is,” says the Secretary-General of the Alpine Association of Slovenia, Matej Planko. The main climbing organization in Slovenia hopes, that the event will be a great promotion of this sports and that it will attract a great number of new climbers.