Qualifications, semifinals and finals will be held at Triglav The Rock Ljubljana, the competition in the boulder climbing. The one climber, who climbs the most boulders in the least amount of attempts, will be the winner of the Triglav The Rock Ljubljana.

For the second straight year, qualifications will be held the day before the competition. Qualifications will start on Friday, May 18, at 15.00 (3 p.m.) at the Climbing Center Plus Climbing in Koper. Everyone, older than 15 years of age (in the year 2018), can apply for the qualifications. The competitiors will be classified into two categories, men and women. Applications will open in April, so pay close attention to our website www.therockljubljana.com.

Semifinals will be held on May 19, between 13.00 (1 p.m.) and 15.30 (3.30 p.m.). Top 10 climbers from each category will qualify into semifinals. In the evening finale, which starts at 20.00 (8 p.m.) and will be broadcasted on RTV Slovenija, we will be able to see only six best climbers from each category. All of them will try to replicate or succeed the performance of Janja Garnbret and Chon Jongwon, last year’s winners of the competition.