At the Triglav The Rock Ljubljana, which was an international success, we have invited foreign route setters to upgrade the challenges that await the competitors. In the past year, Slovenians lead by Anže Štremfelj shown us, how to set an amazing route. This year’s route was entrusted to one of the legends of sports climbing and one of the best route setters in the World – Lauren Laporte of France. He will be assisted by Manuel Hassler (Switzerland), Mateo Laporte (France) and Anže Štremfelj with his team.

Lauren Laporte has more than 20 years of experience at route setting and is known for his creativity and challenges, which are tackled only by the best climbers in the world. His motto is to set up a direction that no one else has set before, and thus make competitors to overcome even the most complex combinations, which they top when the touch the last boulder.

To set a fairly difficult and attractive direction, which is also good enough for the best climbers to overcome, is a unique art. Sometimes the devil’s in the details, and the corrections are just adjusting the handle of the boulder. Last year’s route, in which the women started the climb facing the crowd, or the men had to run and jump like action heroes, was breath-taking. We expect more of the same this year.